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Company Background

Award winning creative and all things musical for radio, TV, film, web & broadcast advertisers worldwide. Small & large market jingles, custom music, custom songs, comedy spots, audio logos, radio & TV imaging, sound signatures and Hispanic jingles. Hear samples on our "SOUNDS" page and compare.

"Some of the best creative I have ever heard..."

-Lynn Anderson, Senior VP (Radio Advertising Bureau)

"We entertained proposals from various music and jingle production companies throughout the country and we chose Sound Advantage..."

-Margaret Lombard, Media Producer (Raley's Supermarkets And Drug Centers)

"Barry, Just thought you'd like in on the kudos for a job well done. Your work helped win us the Cable Advertising Bureau's "BEST IN SHOW" award (in Atlanta). This is one of the highest honors in cable. Thank for your outstanding contributions."

-Bill Glenn, Creative Supervisor, California Region at Comcast Spotlight, San Francisco, CA

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